Tony Borries

"Techie boy doesn't have a digital camera?"

While Tony was taking pictures of the Calico mountains with a disposable camera, Andrew's words changed everything. Never settling for less than best, Tony bought one of the best cameras on the market. What started out as trying to show Andrew up ended up as a serious hobby. Later, friends started asking for senior portraits, and Tony's semi-professional photography career started. Following the advice of many people, Tony pursued a part-time job doing something he loved. After Brian joined to help, Picture That Studios was formed. Oh yeah, Tony still uses disposable cameras too (though only for fun).

Brian Endres

When Tony came back from California and said he was buying "one of the best cameras on the market" I thought he was crazy. When the camera finally came, I started playing with it and started to like it. Tony and I went back to the Calico Mountains and my little point a shoot was not cutting it, so I decided I was going to buy a good camera soon. Less than a week before the Tuscola Dance Competition we decided we needed another camera so I ordered it. And now we have Picture That Studios.

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