Feb 3, 2007

Tuscola Invitational Dance Competition

The 2007 version... more twirling, more flying, and even a seperate category for kicking. The excitement was still there at the 2007 Tuscola Invitational Dance Competition.



June 3, 2006

RTG's Operation: Grease Lightning

How often do you get to photograph Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and Patsy Cline together? Rantoul Theater Group's Operation: Grease Lightning pulled celebrities from the past together for a Children's Miracle Network fundraiser.

Click here to go to the ImageQuix website, where you can view pictures or order prints. 75 cents of each picture goes to the Children's Miracle Network.

A 3-disc set of CD's is available, containing all of the pictures from the event. To order, select any image for ordering (it doesn't matter which one) and select the 3-disc set as the product. Five dollars of this will go to the Children's Miracle Network. Contact us if any additional products or services are desired.


February 4, 2006

Tuscola Invitational Dance Competition

The girls walk out; the music starts; the fun begins. There's only a few minutes to capture a shot of as many of the girls as possible, but not just any shot will do; dresses twirling, hair flying, or legs kicking. The big move approaches; capture the whole team, or a select individual? The music finishes and the routine is over. But not to fear; another starts in about one minute. How many routines are left 'til lunch?


December 31, 2005

Bree's Wedding

Shooting in a well-lit environment generally increases the quality of pictures and simplifies the job for the photographer. Adding a good flash is a step up when conditions aren't quite good enough. But using only low-level ambient light is a unique challenge that often yields wonderful results when used in the proper situations.

October 19, 2005

Anna Nalick Live at The Gargoyle

Who loves Anna more than Tony? Not many. Tony's second Anna concert yielded some nice pictures of the beautiful singer.

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